Episode 19 – Year in Review


This episode: Year in Review, 2017.

Next episode: Blind Date, Season ???.  Watch it on YouTube.

An early Christmas present from your friends at 42 Minutes of Reality.  We originally planned on wrapping until January, but after recording the season finale, we decided to do a ‘year in review’ episode.  We reflect upon what we have learned about the genre after 18 episodes and what has held true.  Then we hand out some awards for our Top 3 and Bottom 3 shows, as well as our over and underachievers and our favorite Podcast Discussion.  We then end on a brief announcement about the format and release schedule for next year.

Episode 19 Show Notes and Links

1:05 / Introducing a very special episode

2:00 / Revisiting our conception of reality TV (Episode 1 is here)

2:31 / Mike’s takeaway: Even less reality in reality TV then he thought, some shows are out-and-out staged (We discuss TOWIE and Bridezillas, but Alaskan Bush People also fits into this bucket)

4:25 / JS’s takeaway: He was surprised by the diversity of the genre, but thinks his general analysis from Episode 1 still holds

5:57 / The tone of reality TV reminds Mike of melodrama, he was also surprised by the variety beyond drunken, trashy antics

7:47 / JS didn’t expect to have such strong reactions to the shows we’ve watched (both good and bad)

8:45 / Starting with the Top 3 shows we watched this year

9:13 / JS’s #3: Kitchen Nightmares

10:45 / Mike’s #3: Survivor: Borneo

12:42 / JS’s #2: Dual Survival

14:25 / Mike’s #2: Kitchen Nightmares

15:14 / JS’s #1: Survivor: Borneo

18:09 / Mike’s #1: Bridezillas

19:30 / This was also tied for JS’s best Podcast Discussion

20:30 / Time to move on to the Bottom 3

21:19 / JS’s #3: The Only Way Is Essex

22:25 / Mike’s #3 was the same

24:33 / JS’s #2: Monica the Medium

26:40 / Mike’s #2 was the same (perhaps appropriately?)

29:24 / JS’s #1: Toddlers & Tiaras

30:35 / Mike’s #1: Keys to the VIP (Mike was so filled with rage he forgot to summarize: it’s a competitive ‘pick-up artist’ show)

33:38 / Mike’s overachiever: Toddlers & Tiaras (JS reacts with dismay); Mike mentions the spin-off Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

37:39 / JS’s overachiever: Snooki & JWoww: Moms with Attitude

39:05 / Mike’s underachiever: Celebrity Paranormal Project

40:08 / JS’s underachiever: Finding Bigfoot

42:24 / JS’s pick for Best Discussion: Judge Faith

43:32 / Mike’s pick for Best Discussion: Paris Hilton’s My New BFF Dubai

44:45 / Talking about the format and release schedule for our next season

47:11 / Our usual announcements: contact us, rate and review, and subscribe